Flash Mobs

Post date: Sep 19, 2012 3:31:47 AM

We have a few Flash Mob opportunities this weekend.

The first ones will be on Saturday, Sept 22.

We would like to hit a few farmers markets in the morning following the free classes at Tiguex and City View parks. (both classes start at 9 AM) We know of a busy market on Rio Grande and one on Idalia in Rio Rancho. We are open to suggestions. Please visit our facebook page or email us at ttwalbuquerque@gmail.com

We would also like to hit a few Spirit Halloween stores.

The second opportunity will be on Sunday, Sept 23 at the 2:00 pm Michael Jackson Laser show at the State Fair. Trish and Miranda will be arriving early to pass out fliers. They would love to have others join them and dance if someone can provide the music. As it stands now, you would have to pay for your entrance fee into the fair.


Please go to our facebook page and help us organize these mobs.