Oct 27, 2012 1:00 pm

Old Town Plaza

In the plaza

Official Count= 84 Funky Zombies!!

event #60077

Click here for And Prep! Registering and getting ready for Thrill Time 2012.

Click here for Dress Rehearsal. Practicing one more time at Tiguex park.

Click here for Zombie Walk. Photos of us walking from Tiquex park to Old Town Plaza.

Click here for Group Photos. Yea, that one is pretty self explanatory!

Click here for Before The Thrill. Zombies patiently waiting for the the final count down.

Click here for The Living Dead. Lifeless zombies waiting for the music of Michael Jackson to awake them.

Click here for Cause This Is THRILLER! Photos that prove that zombies have amazing dancing skills.

Click here for We Are The World! Make it a better place.

Click here for After Party! Cause we like to party after!

Click here for Sponsors and supporters.

These are the people that are crazy enough to organize something like this!

Here's some photos from Karen!

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