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How to Videos


Explanation of the Choreography - Any one can learn this dance with Ines' way of teaching!  

      (FF to 1:00 minute mark)

The Thriller Dance has 8 sections.  Each section has 3-4 videos.  
    Demo- Ines faces you and demonstrates the section
    Break it Down- Ines explains how to do the moves
    Remember- Ines gives you some advice and important things to remember
    Dance- Ines turns around so you can follow along and practice the section

Zombie March Demo  Break it Down  Dance

March Booty Swim Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Shuffle Ha Slide Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Hip n Roar Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Wuz Up Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Oh Snap Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Head n Shoulders Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Stomp Demo  Break it Down  Remember  Dance

Whole Dance Instructions Putting it all together with transitions.

Thriller Flow Chart  so you can see how it all goes together

Whole Dance, nice and slow

Whole Dance with script

But it's not exactly like the music video...Here's why

Whole dance with script