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Sponsors and Discounts

Local Sponsors
Dave Bautista generously donated to TTW and let us flash mob his cast party. Thank You Dave!!

Please take a minute and check out Oxford Wealth. They generously donated to TTW to cover insurance fees.                Please show them some love and support. 



Global Sponsors

Get your Groove on with www.DanceNow.com

www.dancenow.comDanceNow.com is our official internet global radio station.  Every year on Thrill Day, dancenow.com brings the TTW community together through a live 3 hour long radio broadcast during the hours prior to Thrill Time.  At the end of this live show, "Thriller" is played and danced around the world in perfect synchronicity at Thrill Time.

https://consciousink.com/ https://www.leggingssociety.com/